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What is an Amateur Skateboarder?

(March 16, 1999)

In the last few years we have seen several skaters listed as Amateur by their sponsoring companies that have a history of skating in one or more sanctioned WCS Professional events. Some of these skaters have continued to advertise themselves as Amateurs and continued to compete in Amateur events. It is the intention of World Cup Skateboarding to get the word out to the skaters and their sponsors exactly what determines an Amateur skaterboarder and how one can keep his amateur status.

For the past 5 years World Cup Skateboarding has kept Professional Skateboarding Rankings for street and vert, based on the main professional contests in North America and Europe. Last year we listed over 264 pro skaters for street and 80 pro skaters for vert. Quite simply, if you enter a pro contest and skate, you receive points and are listed in the rankings.

The exception to the rule, is if a skater is entered in an Open Contest as an Amateur. This takes special approval from WCS. Upon approval from WCS, a skater can enter as an Amateur, be listed as an Amateur, not accept money, not receive points and continue to keep their Amateur status. If you are not sure if an event is an open contest, please contact WCS in advance.

World Cup Skateboarding adopted the rules and regulations that were established by the National Skateboard Association in it’s twelve (12) years of extistence(1981 – 93). Since 1994, we have run our events based on the knowledge and experience we gained while administrating the last four years of the NSA.

Looking back to the National Skateboard Assoication, in 1990 the NSA Amateur Code, in accordance with the Amateur Sport Act set forth by the United States Congress, reads:

The purpose of the amateur code is to establish rules to be followed by any amateur skateboarder that wishes to remain eligible to compete in events conducted, sponsored, sanctioned or approved by the National Skateboard Association.

Amateurism: An amateur skateboarder is one who trains and performs without searching for or accepting personal financial reward or material benefit in connection with his or her sports participation.

Fiancial and Material Benefits: A. Any skaterboarder taking part in a competition or other event for which he or she is paid, looses immediately his or her amateur status. Any skateboarder taking part in any professional skateboard competition in the United States looses immediately his or her amateur status.

No amateur skateboarder my give authority to allow a professional agent to represent the skateboarder in negotiations regarding his or her participation in competition. No amateur skateboarder may give authority to or allow anyone to represent the skaterboarder in negotiations regarding receipt of money in exchange for participation in competition.

No amateur skateboarder may accept, directly or indirectly, any money or other consideration for expenses or loss of earnings, except that during the preparation for an amateur competition or the competition itself, or as a representative of a company, a skateboarder may receive the following types of financial and material equipment benefits: 1. Reasonable board and lodging expenses; 2. Reasonable transportation expenses 3. Sportswear and skateboarding equipment for personal use only. The skateboarder may not convert into cash any sportsware or skateboard equipment provided to him or her by a sponsor or other entitiy. 4. Pocket money in an amount to be fixed by the NSA; 5.All contest related fees and membership fees in the NSA and any Affiliate Association; 6. Expenses for medical treatment, physiotherapy, medical services and medicine;

Expenses ofr training facilities or instruction; 8. Premiums

  • for Insurance; 9. Educational expenses; 10. Compensation to cover financial loss resulting from a skateboarder’s absence from work or basic occupation in order to train for or participate in an amateur event. A skateboarder may not receive such "broken time payments’ in an amount in excess of what the skateboarder would otherwise receive from an employer during the same period.
  • An amateur skateboarder may be an employee paid by a sports

  • Organization and/or a company involved in the skateboard industry, including but not limited to employment as a counselor or instructor, provided any compensation received by the skateboarder (1) is not in return for his or her athletic performance and (2) is not excessively out of proportion to the payment normally received for like work in that area of the country.

    In any competitive event in the United States, an amateur skateboarder may not accept monetary prizes, and any other prizes or awards received may not exceed the maximum value designated by the NSA.

    In any competitive event outside the United States, an amateur skateboarder may accept monetary prizes if the entire monetary prize is donated within 60 days to the NSA amateur program. Any other prizes or awards received at such events may not exceed the maximum value designated by the NSA.

    An amateur skateboarder may not convert into cash any award, gift or prize received from a sponsor, a competition or the NSA.

    An amateur skateboarder may accept an academic scholarship in any reasonable amount as an award provided that it be administered by the NSA.

    An amateur skateboarder may accept as an award reasonable travel expenses to additional national or international amateur evnets provided that the funds be administered by and at the discretion of the NSA.


    A. An amateur skateboarder may not accept compensation for demonstrating his or her ability or the use of his or her name as the primary purpose of a skateboard advertisement, profile or article in any of media(skateboarding ability as a requirement to participate in a commercial advertisement does not apply to this rule.)

    As you can see the definition of an Amateur skateboarder is truly defined.

    So to end any confusion that may exist. Please check with WCS or the contest organizers before entering any competition that may place your amateur status in jeopardy. There are plenty of Amateur events taking place across the country and the world. For more information contact the following:

    World Cup Skateboarding 530-426-1502 or 426-1552

    Calfifornia Amateur Skateboard League 909-883-6176

    Vans Amateur World Championships 1 800-Vans800

    United Skateboard Association 732-432-5400

    The Canadian Cup 416-960-2222


    Don Bostick

    WCS President

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