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Crail World Cup Skateboarding Contest

December 10-12, 1999

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90 Street
30 Vert
20 Girls for street
$20,000 USD Purse

Skaters that flew in from N. America and Canada and England

    Steve Caballero
    Jon Comer
    Dan Pageau (Canada)
    Chad Fernandez
    Carlos de Andrade (came via Australia!~)
    Elissa Steamer (came via Australia!)
    Buster Halterman
    Pierre-Luc Gagnon (Canada)
    Mathias Ringstrom
    John Cardiel (with Jake Phelps)
    Bob Burnquist
    Mike Vallely
    Justin Strubing
    Donny Barley
    Billy Rohan (flew in from England with his girlfriend)
    Jessie Van Roechrt
    Brian Howard
    Caz Helmstetter


    Mike Ballard/Skateboarder Magazine
    Jake Phelps/Thrasher
    Lance Dawes/Slap
    Antony Claraval/411 Video Mag
    Joe Brooks doing footage and photo
    Dave Metty/Invert TV


    Carrie Hoshide - World/Marketing
    Patrick Lopez -World/Team Manager
    Tuon - World/Photographer

WCS Staff:

    Don and Danielle Bostick
    Head Judge: Steve Ruge
    Judge: Dave Metty

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