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X Trials
Richmond, VA.
May 7-9, 1999

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Commentary from Head Judge, Shrewgy

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The Richmond Recap

by Steve "Shrewgy" Ruge

    Richmond, Virginia the capital of the Confederacy during The Civil War, sounds like a great place for a modern day War on Wheels to take place. Set on the bank of the Charles River on a historic landmark, there was a cannonball making machine at the sight, which was a casual three block downhill skate from our hotel. Another highlight was the most popular BMX street spot of the city in plain sight from our hotel room window. This provided hours of better than TV entertainment. This event was the last chance qualifier for the '99 X Games. It also was the third consecutive contest weekend for the road weary competitors. This combination meant that only the hungriest, most determined Pros would be present with their sights set on "kill". There were no easy victories to be had in this War either. The street contest attracted some of the Vert contingent. Who were probaly quite surprised to find out some of the big street guns were here to stake their claim. Chet Thomas, Pat Channita, Eric Koston and, Carlos DeAndrade were taking no prisoners. They had backup from Montreal's Dan Pageau, as well as a host of Eastwood's more than respectable brood of talent. I love a showdown and the street contest provided that. Honorable mention has to go to 13 year old Kyle Berard, although an amateur he showed no signs of "the jitters" as he turned in an incredible 7th place finish. The vert show provided no real surprises in the finishing order but, that belies the true action. Tony Hawk gave us a 720`, while Andy "the Janitor" Mack put out three consecutive samples of what he does best. Another treat that most of us are not used to is Sandro Dias hitting his stride, this would obviously be even more devastating on a larger ramp, but all of these guys are Pros and can rise to any occassion. The other special moment in vert came when Tom "the Rock" Boyle showed some of his lost confidence, that we hope is the signal of its complete return, as he snagged the final spot at "99 X Games. Congratulations to Tom, and Pat Channita on their invites to San Francisco for the "BIG" show. See you there.


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