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Sunday June 4th, 2000

What a day! Vert finals were insane, with some of the best skating I've ever seen. Once again, Bob Burnquist took the win with Bucky taking second.

Women's street was really impressive as well even with the small turn out. Cnaan Omer won her second straight street contest with some technical perfection.

Men's street was equally crazy. Everyone went off all day but taking his first pro win was Tyrone Olson with some amazing skating. Tyrone also earned the X Games Spot for Street.

Check out the winning runs for Men's Street and Vert in Quicktime video below.

Best trick Vert:
1. Bob Burnquist: Backside 360 Ollie to Rock and Roll/Backside 360 Ollie 5/0 grind, Revert- $500
2. Matt Dove: Backside 360 Ollie late Shove it/Switch Backside 5/0 grind Shove it- $300
3. Lincoln Ueda: Huge Ally Oop 540- $200

Best trick Street:
1. Tyrone Olson: Backside 5/0/ Backside Nosegrind/ Feeble- $500
2. Alex Gavin: Frontside Tailslide to Fakie- $300
2. Kerry Getz: Kickflip Over the Rail- $200

Tyrone Olson's winning Street Run

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(2.9 megs)
Bob Burnquist's winning Vert Run

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(1.8 megs)

Saturday June 3rd, 2000

Mens Prelims are complete and results are posted. Check back tomorrow for Semis and Finals for the men as well as the womens results and Best trick results.

Friday June 2nd, 2000

We are in Cleveland for the 2nd stop of the Vans Triple Crown. Prelims for both Street and Vert are tomorrow. Check out photos from todays practice.

Results will be posted tomorrow night.


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