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Vans/PlayStation World Championships
October 5-8, 2000
Oceanside, CA. At the Pier

$127,000 PURSE

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Sunday October 8th

What a day! The sun was shining and the crowds were out in full force.

The first event of the day was Masters Bowl. Everyone was skating great but Lance Mountain (1st place, $2,000) and Steve Caballero(2nd place, $1,000) wouldn't let anyone take the top 2 spots. It is pretty much a given that they will finish 1 and 2 in the Bowl anymore! Sasha Steinhorst put on a great show also, landing him 3rd place and $600.

The rest of the day is pretty much a blur at this point with Street Semis followed by Vert Semis, then back to Street Finals and Street Best Trick and finally back to Vert Finals and Vert Best Trick!

Street Finals was really exciting with an international top 3. Geoff Rowley took 3rd place and $5,000 after qualifying 1st in the semis. Taking second and $8,000 was Canadian Rick McCrank and 1st place and $15,000 was Kerry Getz. Kerry also earned and extra $10,000 for being the Triple Crown Overall Street Champion!

Vert Finals was incredible as usual but even more interesting because of how much was riding on the results. The Triple Crown Overall Champion was still up for grabs even though it seemd Bob Burnquist had it in the bag. If Andy Macdonlad won and Bob got less than 5th place, Andy would have taken the overall title. He didn't though, because Bob was able to put together a great run to place 3rd place and locking in his overall Triple Crown Title. Bob left the event with $5,000 for his 3rd place finish, another $10,000 for the overall Vert combined title and also a Ford Ranger for the Overall Points Champion for the Triple Crown Series! Wow!!!

Andy Macdonald had a great showing, taking 2nd place and $8,000. The story of the day was Rune Glifberg, skating perfect all weekend and stepping it up another notch in the finals. His 97.5 final run was one of the best vert runs of all time and gave him 1st place and $15,000.

Street Best Trick Results
All on the Big Rail

$500: Alex Gavin- Frontside Tailslide to Fakie/Backside Bluntslide/Backside Bluntslide to Fakie

$300: Caine Gayle- Backside Lipslide

$200: Chad Fernandez- Crooked Grind

Vert Best Trick Results

Sorry , coming soon...

Saturday October 7th

The weather was much better today and the skating was amazing too.

First off was the Women's Street Finals. Amy Caron skated flawlessly for 1st place and $2000. Cnaan Omer took 2nd place, $1000 and locked in her overall Triple Crown Title and a bonus of $2500. 3rd place and $600 went to Jaime Reyes.

Next was Men's Vert Prelims and the skating was as good as any finals. Rune Glifberg qualified in 1st place followed by Max Dufour and Anthony Furlong. The top 15 skaters advance to the Semis and join the Pre Qualified 5 skaters from Triple Crown rankings.

After Vert things got hectic. Due to bad weather Friday, we had to run Men's Street and Men's bowl at the same time.

Men's Street was very competitive with most of the big names out there. Rob Dyrdek, Caine Gayle and Willy Santos finished 1,2 and 3. The top 16 skaters advance to the Semis tomorrow to join the Pre Qualified 8 skaters from Triple Crown rankings.

Finally Pro Bowl. The skating was awesome and the crowd was really into it. Omar Hassan put on the most impressive show of the day, not only by winning the Bowl contest and $5000, but also because he and Jon Comer somehow managed to skate in Bowl, Street and Vert, all in the same day! Brain Patch and Brian Howard threw down excellent runs as well finishing 2nd and 3rd.

All results are posted. Check back tomorrow for Final results and coverage.

Friday October 6th

Today's rain forced the schedule to change a little bit but we managed to pull off the Ladies Bowl contest. Men's Pro Bowl was postponed until Saturday. The Ladies Bowl contest was some of the best competition yet for the women, with an incredible field including Cara Beth Burnside, Jen O'Brien and Jodi MacDonald.

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