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ESPN X Trials
St. Petersburg, FL.
May 19-21,2000

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Sunday May 21st, 2000

Vert was insane today with blazing hot weather and blazing skating. Bucky Lasek barely took the win from Colin McKay after Colin's second run explosion. Bucky Lasek came through in his true competitive and consistent style with tricks like perfect frontside rodeo's over the channel and a switch frontside 540 with 1 second left.

Rookie Vert Pro Jessie Fritsch showed us that vert skating is still standing strong by earning the X Games spot .

Chris Senn's winning Street Run

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Bucky Lasek's winning Vert Run

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Saturday May 20th, 2000

Chris Senn destroyed the street course today in the finals for street, charging hard as always and sticking everything. His winning run will be posted tomorrow night in Quicktime video.

Kyle Berard put together a great second run to take second place and also the X Games spot.

Results are posted but photos and video won't be up until tomorrow night. ESPN put on a great party tonight for competitors and staff with food and drinks. (This is my excuse for posting so late.)

Check back tomorrow for Vert results, photos and video of the weekend.

I Forgot to mention that yesterday was Chris Gentry's birthday too, so Happy Birthday Chris!

Friday May 19th, 2000

Street Prelims concluded today and results are posted. A stand out run today had to be 15 year old Kyle Berard who seemed to shake his new pro status jitters and bust out an amazing first run which would put him in 3rd place at the end of the prelims. Also killing it today were Chet Thomas and Dan Pageau.

Check back tomorrow for Street final results and photos.


Happy 23rd Birthday Pat Channita!

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