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2000 X Games
San Francisco, CA
August 16-21, 2000

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Monday August 21st

I wasn't able to stay for the street contest but I did manage to get some photos from practice yesterday. Results and photos are posted here.

Sunday August 20th

Today was the first day of practice on the street or "Park" course for skateboarding and also Vert Best Trick. I was around this morning for practice but couldn't stick around for Best Trick so all I have is results and some photos of the street course. Check back tomorrow for results from street.

Vert Best Trick Results

1- Bob Burnquist, Fakie 5-0, Fakie Kickflip out off of the grind bar

2- Colin McKay, Nollie Flip Backside Tailslide Revert

3- Andy Macdonald, Lien to Tail on the eight-foot extension

4- Tas Pappas, Indy 360 with a Kickflip Varial Grab

5- Mathias Ringstrom, Attempted Kickflip 540

Saturday August 19th

It is hard to say that the outcome of the vert doubles wasn't obvious in everyones minds before the contest even started. 3 time vert doubles X Games champions Tony Hawk and Andy Macdonald were back to defend their title for a 4th straight year and by watching their practice runs it was clear that they were going to be hard to beat once again.

The other teams did their best to knock off the champs but Tony and Andy were on it again and put together a flawless first run in the finals. Bob Burnquist and Lincoln Ueda had an amazing run going but a fall cost them and left them with 5th place.

The big question is will Tony skate again next year to defend the title for a fifth time?!

Friday August 18th

Wow! Todays vert finals played out like a movie with an ending that had people jumping and screaming similar to Tony Hawks' 900 last year. It was an amazing day for skateboarding.

The 3 round final started off well with Max Schaaf putting together a great first run staying on his board for the entire 45 seconds. As the 1st round progressed though, many of the skaters were falling in the middle of their runs. Chris Gentry fell and got his board caught up in the ramps' board catcher cordThe clock was stopped and Chris was allowed to finish his run a few minutes later.

Colin McKay, Pierre Luc Gagnon and Bucky Lasek all managed to stay on and put up some pretty high scores for the first round though, placing them in the top 3 respectively.

The 2nd round had more falls for many of the skaters as well but Bucky stayed on and bumped up his score enough to hold on to first place going into the 3rd round.

Then came round 3... Rune Glifberg, Colin McKay, Andy Macdonald and Bob Burnquist all started their runs looking like they could very well capture the top spot but all 4 of them fell before the 45 seconds were up.

Pierre Luc Gagnon stole the show with what was probably the best competition run of his career, scoring a 95.00 and moving himself into first place over Bucky. After Bob Burnquist fell on his third run the pressure was on for Bucky Lasek. He was sitting in 2nd place and needed a near pefect final run to recapture 1st place.

Being the last skater in the vert finals, all eyes were on Bucky and he showed the world that he has what it takes to perform under pressure. Bucky put together the best run I have ever personally seen. Midway through his run everyone in front of me jumped up and I couldn't even see the ramp. When he finished his run he was dogpiled in the middle of the ramp and everyone knew that Bucky Lasek had defended his X Games Vert title with a near perfect score of 98.5. Congratulations Bucky!

The winning run will be posted here Sunday night in Quicktime video. Check back tomorrow for Vert Doubles results.

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