Bristol, Connecticut

June 15-17, 2001

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Welcome to Bristol Connecticut,
Home of ESPN and Final Leg of the US X-Trials

Sunday, June 16, 2001

The thunder woke me up at 7 in the morning. That was just the beginning. There was enough clear sky to allow for about half an hour of practice runs today, but we never actually had a judged event due to the thunder, lightning and relentless rain.

On to the "results"...
The Tony Hawk Gigantic Skatepark Tour stopped by for a few minutes yesterday to say hello and sign autographs. During their visit Colin McKay informed us that , due to an injury, he would be giving up his X-Games spot. The lucky replacement is Mike Crum. And also, due to the rain, our next choice for the X-Games spot after looking at North American points rankings is Mike Frazier. So congratulations Mikes, we'll see you in Philly!

The purse for this contest was split evenly between all contestants.

Saturday, June 16, 2001

The threat of rain hovered over us today but the sun won out after all. Dayne Brummet squeaked to the top of the podium just .33 points ahead of Pat Channita with an appropriate selection of tech moves. Frank Hirata, winner of the prelims, pulled in a solid third after breaking his tie with Jim Gagne with his score on a previous run. Omar Hassan pushed hard and looked like he was having tons of fun going big and fast. All in all, a good day on the asphalt. Tomorrow should be another...

Check back for the vert results and some more photos and videos.
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Friday, June 15, 2001

We're pretty sure the sun was out there somewhere in the haze, and it seems that everyone had an airline story that out-did the previous one, but all in all today was a good day. Frank Hirata pulled out all the stops to propell himself into first place in the park prelims, followed by a not-so-well rested but fully on Dayne Brummet and Pat Channita. Everyone had it a bit rough today due to the sweltering heat, thick humidity and melting asphalt, but the skaters did their best and rocked on through another day in the springtime fresh world of professional skateboarding.

Some even rocked themselves a few stitches in the chin...

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