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Sunday August 12th, 2001

36 skaters competed for 15 spots today on the street course in front of a packed house of over 3,500 spectators. The finals was a mixed list of countries from all over the world. Frank Hirata had a couple un-characteristic falls in his runs, but still managed to take 4th place. Osiris skater Jouni Salo of Finland took third place and $1,500. Sweden's Chris Astrom had a great first run to put him into 2nd place and $2,000. The highlight of the street event was Rodil de Araujo, Jr. With super sick runs in the prelims it was hard to believe he could do any better in the final but he did. With a 94.00 first run Rodil took 1st place and a check for $3,000.

Check back later tonight for Quicktime video highlights from the weekend.

Saturday August 11th, 2001

The first day of the UBI-Osiris World Cup Skateboarding UK is complete. 14 skaters competed on the vert ramp in a jam format final. Renton Millar skated consistently for 3rd place and $1,000 behind Sandro Dias who went huge and finished 2nd with a check for $1,500. 1st place and $2,000 went to Pierre-Luc Gagnon who skated as solid as always and even threw in a few new tricks.

The "Core" Vert Highest Air was impressive especially considering the unusually small vert ramp. Tony Magnusson went a very respectable 10 feet for 3rd place. Terence Bougdour pushed the 11 foot level to take second but going oiver 12 feet and taking home $500 was Sandro Dias.

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