Dave Metty

Hello! This is a "bio" designed to help you understand why and how I have been selected to be on the judging staff for such an honorable organization as World Cup Skateboarding. It all started back in 1984 when I began skateboarding. Aspirations to continue skateboarding for as long as possible took me from Michigan to California in '91. I left MI. with $150.00 in my pocket and a job waiting in CA. at the Visalia YMCA Skate Camp as a camp counselor. This had to have been the best job you could ever ask for as a skater. Half way through the camp I met Jim Thiebaud, a pro for REAL skateboards at the time. Jim started giving me boards because he thought I was pretty good. This led to me moving to San Fracisco to be closer to the Company. As time went by I started getting into filming and this led to a position as the filmer and team manager for REAL. I had the honor of filming the very first REAL video titled "the REAL video". At the same time I was able to witness the onslought of switchstance skateboarding, brought on by Salman Agah. ( if you happen to come across a copy of this video watch it, it's a classic, and then contact me because I don't have a copy. Years later I moved on and went back to the Visalia YMCA Skate Camp. I was offered a position as the program director which I took. My new job was to come up with fun, safe and informative programs based around skateboarding for 100 kids a week for 5 weeks. What a blast!! In 1997 I was at a trade show with Salman Agah. Louise Balma (she was the promoter of the Triple Crown of Skateboarding contest series back then, along with contest organizers WCS) walked up to Salman and said, in a sweet voice, "Salman why won't you judge for us at the finals, what are we going to do on such short notice?" Salman, just kicking back in the restaraunt booth calmly replies pointing to me next to him, "here's your man". Now, I'm instantly stoked and thinking, I never thought about judging, but I'd love to. louise looks down at me with an estranged look and replies as nice as she can "ohhhhhhhhh!, and who are you? Before I could answer Sal picks up the ball. "This is Dave Metty, he used to be the team manager for REAL skateboards...way back! Oh great! "Well give me a call" she replied. Ever since that phone call I have travelled with this awsome group of experienced people working at events all over the U.S. canada and Brazil. Judging proffessional skateboard competitions is not the easiest thing to do, especially when some of them are my friends, but being recognized for the ability to and travelling with them is what it's about anyhow. Currently (1-20-2000) I am working on the expansion of Skate Camp and some video projects. I have been promoted to the Director's position at Camp and am looking forward to the 2000 contest season.

If you would like to send me your stories, send them to and for info on the Visalia YMCA Skate Camp 559-627-0700

Take care,
Dave Metty

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