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Philips Fusion - Soul Bowl #2
Huntington Beach Pier , CA
August 2 – 4, 2002

$20,000 PURSE

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Sunday August 4th

The ladies woke up early to skate first on the final day of competition. The 7 person Jam Session was better than ever, with all the girls stepping up the level of difficulty and style at every event. Jessica Starkweather was attacking the bowl with speed lines and slashing style in the corners. She amazed everyone with her tenacity, by attempting to roll in frontside, not once, but twice, slamming HARD both times. She still managed to put one more run together after that though and all the effort landed her in 3rd place and $400. Cara-Beth Burnside and Jen O'brien are always pushing each other and it is always hard to say who rode better, but today it Cara-Beth taking the win and $1,000 with big tricks and solid bowl skills. Jen looked smoother than ever and had some of the nicest bowl lines of the weekend.

Next was the Young Guns final. Brian Patch and Steve Salisian barely made it to the contest in time, but showed up just in time. Steve's knee was swollen like a grapefruit after popping it out in yesterday's session. Sometimes the contests are pretty easy to call, with the winner really standing out against the other riders, but today was different. The top guys all skated so good, it was hard to call and the results show how tight it really was. Cristiano Mateus wowed the crowd with big tricks and a bigger smile but missed out on some points by not using the corners as much as he could have. It was still good enough for 3rd place and $1,000. Omar Hassan and Brian Patch both skated the bowl like a bowl, using the corners in every run and getting big tech tricks in as well. It was Omar who took the win and $3,000 today though, with Brian less than a point behind for 2nd and $1,500.

Street Best Trick finished off the weekend and it was chaos. 14 + guys destroyed the street course working a section a time for cash which was given based on the tricks that were done. Brian Patch came out on top with $715, with a huge bag of tricks on every section. Anthony Carney was close behind with $670 and Chad Fernandez made an appearance and earned $645 and Benji Galloway grabbed $645 as well.
Women's Final Jam

Omar Hassan's Winning Young Guns run

Saturday August 3rd

The day started out with the Young Guns, and it was amazing. 2 heats of riders going for 8 spots in the final. Brian Patch and Omar Hassan topped their heats and tied for 1st place both with incredible runs that had everybody screaming. Right on their heals was Steve Salisian who was skating fast and going large as well. The final tomorrow should be great, with all of the guys going for the cash.

Next it was time for the Masters Finals. Injuries and traffic looked like they were going to postpone the finals, with Tony Magnusson and Ben Schroeder both scratching just before the final started. Mike McGill was stuck in traffic just blocks away and finally jumped out of his car and skated to the bowl just in time to start the contest. Ben and Tony decided to get out and skate after all and we had the 8 man final we hoped for. It's a good thing McGill made it too, because he skated to 1st place and $2,000! Jake Piasecki was on fire and grabbed 2nd place and $1,500 followed by Eric Nash who earned 3rd and $1,000 for his efforts.

Best trick in the bowl was insane, everyone charging to get in a trick that would count. Steve Mokler and Mike Smith collided at the bottom of the bowl taking Mike out for the weekend before he even had a chance to compete. Cristiano Mateus amazed the crowd and the judges with his big Brazilian style. He nailed a 360 Varial catching the board between his legs and took $500 for the trick. Benji Galloway threw down a Backside Disaster on the side of the extension which was worth $300 and Grand Master Eddie Elguera stuck his signature Elgerial Revert for 3rd and $200.

Finally it was time for the Grand Masters. 36 and over Legends of skateboarding. Watching this Jam Session was insane. Brewce Martin flew around (and out of) the bowl so fast it was amazing no one got hurt. Some serious snaking went on and some of the guys didn't look like they could even get a run in for a while. Brian Mank put together enough consistent runs and a big mix of tricks to edge out Steve Alba for 3rd place and $500. Eddie Elguera was so smooth and stylish, it looked like he wasn't even trying. Eddie took 2nd place and $800. The star of the show was legend Duane Peters, who skated on the edge the whole time. He was so close to exploding you could see smoke coming out of his ears. He took the win and $1,500, as well as the respect of everyone who witnessed the contest.

Tomorrow is the Ladies Bowl, the Young Guns Final and the street Best Trick. Check back for results and video.
Mike McGill's Winning
Masters Run

Grand Masters Final Jam

Friday August 2nd

Another killer day at the beach. After a grey morning the clouds cleared and the sun came out over the Philips Soul Bowl for the Masters qualifiers. The legends of skateboarding are out in full force and starting the weekend off was the Legends division, age 30 and over. Tony Magnusson came out on top today with consistent riding and big tricks followed closely by Jake Piasecki who always rules the bowls, qualifying in 2nd place by using all the corners.

The top 8 riders move on to the finals tomorrow where they will have 3 more runs to see who can take home the money. Also tomorrow, the Young Guns will be qualifying and the Grand Masters final Jam will go off. Check back for more photos and results.

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