West 49 Canadian Open
World Cup Skateboarding

October 4-5, 2003
Hershey Centre
Mississauga, ONT Canada

$50,000 US Purse

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October 5th

The last point event of the season concluded tonight in Toronto, Canada, the second year of the West 49 Canadian Open. Two full days of skating with record crowds and an impressive list of skaters filled the Hershey Center. After Saturday's prelims, Sunday started off with the Ladies Street Contest.

With 17 ladies, this was by far the biggest girls turnout all season. The field was cut to 8 from the prelims and the top 8 skated one more run to try to improve on their prelim best score. Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins managed to bump up from 7th to 4th place with her final run, getting her into the money. Jaime Reyes second run casually skated her into 3rd place and $400, nailing everything along the way. 14 year old Lauren Perkins, always in the mix, had a perfect first run, sitting her in first place until Vanessa Torres put her best run together. Lauren secured 2nd place and $600 with her first run behind the Ladies World Champion Vanessa. Vanessa's second run was so sick she won the contest by over 5 points, taking home $1,000 and a really cool fuzzy moose head trophy.

There were some anxious Vert skaters this weekend with this being the final point event of the year. A lot of rankings were in the balance based on this weekends results and no one was holding back on their runs. Chris Gentry had an amazing 3rd run, stomping every trick in his bag, including his new 540 boneless, although this was landed after time. The run was enough to give him 4th place and $2,000. Sandro Dias was going as big as ever and put together a solid third run which included a Gnar-Jar 540, enough to move him into 3rd place and $3,500. This was also enough to lock in his WCS World Vert Champion title. Just above Sandro was tech master Mathias Ringstrom. Mathias put so many technical flip tricks together in a row it was hard to remember his run. He took a really hard slam right at the end of his run, hard enough to head to the hospital without taking a third run. His second run was enough to take 2nd place and $5,000 though. Pierre Luc Gagnon was on it today. His first run was about as good as it gets, throwing his entire of bag of tricks as well. He took the win and $7,500. See the winning run in Quicktime. His 1st place earned him 1000 points in the rankings, enough to move him past Andy Macdonald, into 2nd place in the North American Vert Rankings. It wasn't enough to overtake Sandro though for the World Title. Neal Hendrix was happy to learn that his 9th place here was enough to put him in the top 6 of the World Vert rankings, which earned him a spot in the 2004 X Games.

The weekend concluded with the Street Finals. 65 riders were cut to 30 in the prelims. Those 30 met 15 pre qualified skaters in the Semis. 14 moved on to the final to join last years Canadian Open Champion Dayne Brummet. The finals were nutty. Pat Channita proved that he was still someone to worry about with a banging second run that put him in 5th place. Skateboarding All Star Mike Carroll and Brazilian wonder Wolnei dos Santos both had sick first runs, which had them tied after the first round. Wolnei's second run was not his best, but better than Mike's second run, which broke the tie and gave Mike 4th place and Wolnei earned 3rd and $3,500. The battle for 1st place was crazy. Daniel Vieira knocked out a huge first run, scoring a 90.6, which seemed unbeatable. Not for World Champion Greg Lutzka though. Greg put together such a perfect second run, Daniel's 90.6 didn't stand a chance. Daniel earned a very respectable 2nd place and $5,000. He also locked in his 2nd place World Street ranking behind Ryan Sheckler. Greg Lutzka scored a 93.6 and took his second win of the season and a $7,000 paycheck as well. See Greg's winning run in Quicktime.