Far' N High 2017 Results

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Congratulations to Lucas Alves and Candy Jacobs for winning the Far n High event

The finals on Sunday started with the ladies comp. Candy Jacobs from the Netherlands was the #1 qualifier out of 23 girls. She was also the winner back in in 2009 and 2010 and on the  podium 3 times the next few years. She was riding great all day and finished #1. Second place went to Julia Bruecker of Austria and 3rd was Alexis Sablone from New York.

#1 in the men's semifinals went to Brazilian, Lucas Alvas. He did a crooked grind down the big rail to nollie flip out during his run and went on to win the Finals! Last years champion Vincent Milou was first on Saturdays qualifiers and had an amazing run to finish in 2nd. 3rd was Richard Tury from Slovakia. Also congratulations to the best tricks, winners, Vinicius Santos did a nollie 180 to switch nosegrind down the big ledge on Saturday, and Evandro Martins did a fakie to indy grab nosepick on the vert wall to revert transfer to the steep bank on Sunday.

A special congratulations to Christophe Picard for a big success of 10 years of the Far n High event! Everyone was saying that this was the best year ever! Thanks again to Nike SB for being the main sponsor! Check out the Ride channel for footage of the action and @farnhigh on instagram for more photos! As I am writing this recap, I am on the train with the Brazilian winners to the Hague in Holland for the next WCS comp this weekend. The 2017 European summer tour is shaping up to be one of the best in years!

Stay tuned for more updates.
Thanks for reading this, Dave Duncan