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Wellington Bowl a Rama: Feb 12, 2011

NZ_BAR_2011Waitangi bowl, Wellington, NZ.

Entering into the 4th year at Wellington the prize purse has grown again to better reward all the amazing
riders who travel from all points of the world to participate in what has consistently been the largest
gathering of international skaters at any one time in the history of New Zealand skateboarding.
This year BOWL-A-RAMA™ is establishing a fairer system of remuneration for all of the competitors. For
the first time the prize pool will pay larger amounts further down the placings to ensure riders who place at
a certain level will at least cover their travel costs. Having a fairer distribution of the purse like this means
more riders from overseas will now be able to attend.
Waitangi Bowl is more like a large pool than a skatepark Pro Bowl and this means a different kind of skater
has the opportunity to reach the podium. The new prize purse will hopefully be seen as an incentive for
these riders to attend. We see a larger international field and a more diverse range of riders competing this
year due to all of this.

BOWL-A-RAMA™ Wellington is a WCS sanctioned competition and is a points event on the WORLD
BOWL tour.
There are a limited number of rider positions available in the competition; PRO – 40, MASTERS – 24.
These positions are filled in order of rank. If a rider has previous WCS points from other prior events then
they shall be allowed entry first and the riders with higher ranking will receive first spots. If there are any
remaining rider spots these shall be filled via wildcard entry.
Wildcard entry for Wellington is done through WCS. This is done by rider recommendations via other
competition placings, media and industry. Please contact WCS to find out available spots.
Wildcard entry for Bondi is done through placings at this years’ BOWL-A-RAMA™ Wellington. This year
Wellington will be used to rank all wildcard entries for Bondi. If a rider is seeking a spot in Bondi and does
not have previous WCS points then they will need to enter Wellington to earn their spot for Bondi. 5 spots
in each division shall be held for wildcards and the highest placed riders in Wellington without WCS points
will be ranked in order for these spots. As Wellington is the first stop of the year for the Bowl Series and it
is the only event where open pro entry is available so as to accrue WCS points for entry to other WCS
Bowl Series events that require points.
PRO entry guidelines; All competitors must be at least 16 years of age. If a competitor is younger than 16
then their sponsor must turn them pro to be eligible to enter. Judging of the competition is done so under
the WCS Pro Bowl scoring system; tricks, lines, style, flow, fair competitiveness are all parts of the judging
MASTERS entry guidelines; All competitors must be at least 40 years of age and have a history of being
paid to ride their skateboard professionally to be eligible to enter. Judging of the competition is done so
under the WCS Pro Bowl scoring system; tricks, lines, style, flow, fair competitiveness and having fun are
all parts of the judging criteria. It is important to note that if a rider is still competing past the age of 40 they
are doing so because it is fun, if they are not having fun then it will reflect in their scores.
Discussions are currently underway with preferred accommodation partners and these details will be
released to competitors and industry soon.

2011 Purse breakdown (purse in AUS $)WCS_layback_Thumb


1 $4,800
2 $2500
3 $2000
4 $1800
5 $1500
6 $1400
7 $1300
8 $1200
9 $1100
10 $1000
11$800                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 12$600                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 13$400                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 14$200                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 15$100


1 $2000
2 $1600
3 $1400
4 $1200
5 $1000
6 $800
7 $600
8 $400
9 $200
10 $100

30,000 AUD Total

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