Chris Russell

Where were you born / Where do you live now?
I was born in the city of Orange at UCI, right across the street from Combi and I have lived in Hermosa Beach my whole life.

When did you start skating?
I’ve always had a skateboard but never really started riding one till   I was nine years old.

Who were your greatest influences as kid?
When I first started skating I would saymy biggest influences were Pat Ngoho and Omar Hassan. I was lucky enough to be able to skate with those guys at vans when i first started skating.

Who do you look up to now?
I have been fortunate to skate with so many rad skaters that I look up to. People like Steve Cab and Christian Hosoi. One of my favorite skaters right now is Brad McClain.

Favorite places to skate?
Some of my favorite places to skate are Vans, Channel Street, Washington Street. I am super into all the parks up in Oregon and Washington.

 What’s been your favorite WCS contest? Why?
The Oregon Trifecta is by far my favorite contest. I get to see all my friends and its just a great time up there.

What’s your setup and sponsors?
My sponsors are S-one, Type-s, E.T Surf and Skate, Dizm eye wear. And I get boards from NHS.

Anyone you would like to Thank?
I would like to thank all my sponsors, my parents for driving me everywhere, Heavy Metal Chuck, and World Cup for putting on such great contests.