Dan Cates

Dan is from the South East of England and currently resides in London. He has been a skateboarder since 1987 and began competing in the early nineties. He first got sponsored in 1996 by Vans, and was a Warp Tour finalist in 1997.


He rode for various different board companies until Death Skateboards was born in 1998. Dan became their first pro in 2001 and is still an active professional skateboarder to this day, having put out around 18 video parts and numerous magazine interviews. He has worked in the skateboard industry for many years and is now the head of shipping at Power Distribution where he also assists with the running of Death Skateboards.


He began judging contests in the days of the infamous Radlands in Northampton, and went on to cut his teeth with WCS at Munster and later Dortmund. Working closely with the UKSA, He currently judges all major contests in the UK, including the UK Championships and Vans Shop Riot. Having already visited 60 different countries in the name of skateboarding, Dan is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.