Dave Duren

Hometown: Deland, FL.
Birth date 3-12-74
Age: 34


Retired professional skateboarder now residing in San Francisco, ca. I am working for Deluxe Distribution the makers of Real Krooked and Anti Hero skateboards along with spitfire wheels and thunder trucks and I am currently working  in the sales Department. I’m still skating actively with a bunch of my friends and co workers including Matt Milligan one of the Dew Judges.
My hobbies include Playing Guitar, bass, keys and drums, Painting and drawing, I do a little graphic design here and there for some skate companies. I started skating in 87. Got sponsored in 1990 by H-Street then turning pro for New Deal skateboards in 1992. Then jumped around form company to company thru the years and retiring in 94.

Filmed and edit a video with a house hold of pro skaters who I lived with at the time. The house was called 6 Newell and the house consisted of Nate Jones, Matt Milligan, Elisa Steamer, Frank Gerwer, peter Ramondetta and John Barker and myself.