Don Bostick

Graduated Hogan High School, Vallejo, CA 1968

Solano Junior College, Vallejo, CA 1969 – 1971

Age 71

Born on Oahu, Hawaii – August 1, 1950


Now living in Palm Desert, CA with my wife of 37 years and business partner, Danielle Bostick. We have two adult sons: Ian Welles McCollum and David Bostick. Two Grandkids, Alli Bostic and Tyler Bostick.


Graduated High School from Hogan High in Vallejo, CA, spent  2 years at Solano Community College and 6 years in the US Air Force Reserves and Air National Guard  – affected by the interest of surfing, skateboarding, skiing and playing music professionally, I quit school, hit the road and ended up learning the business world via playing music professionally for 20 years traveling around the country, Canada and Hawaii.  I then owned and managed some skateboard/snowboard shops and eventually became Marketing Manager at Donner Ski Ranch in Lake Tahoe, CA. Along the way, I organized several snowboarding and skateboarding events that lead to being President of the National Skateboard Association and eventually the formation of World Cup Skateboarding and WCS Snowboarding which sanctions and organizes over 25 events a year involving skateboarding and snowboarding around the world. During my time at  Donner Ski Ranch, I also ran the mountain bike program, built and maintain trails as well as becoming a National Off-Road Bicycle Association licensed official which lead to me working several National events. Moved  to Santa Cruz in 2005 years ago, I now belong to 2 surf clubs, the Usual Suspects  and the Big Stick Surfing Association. I am on the board of directors for BSSA and announce all the surfs contest for the club. I am also a judge for the Coalition of Surfing Clubs in California. In 2018 I started announcing the Longboard Union Surf Contest held each Memorial Day at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz and continue to do so.  In 2012, I moved to Cherry Valley, CA. to the Highland Springs Village, a retirement community. I played golf daily and became the HSV Men’s Golf Club Tournament Director for 2018 – 2020 and was also President of the Club for a year. In 2021, we moved to Palm Desert Greens in Palm Desert, CA. a retirement community where life is great! I play lots of golf belonging to a group known as the boogies. Along with wife Danielle, we  enjoy playing golf, going to dinner,  enjoying our little  rescue dog named Chuy and working on the behind the scenes of World Cup Skateboarding.


In  2008, I started playing music again. I now do a solo act, playing acoustic guitar and singing as well as DJ’ing certain events, parties and weddings.  I play various gigs around California and Arizona and am very busy doing so.


Through skateboarding I have travel all over the world, including many countries in  Europe, South America, North America and Asia. World Cup Skateboarding is my main job as Founder, President and Director. My wife and I have home offices and work on a daily basis organizing and confirming international events for our yearly calendar. We oversee a series of events for street, vert, and bowl competitions. For more info please see the World Cup Skateboarding website:


I was a founding member of both the International Skateboard Federation and USA Skateboarding. I served as Vice President of the ISF before it dissolved, and World Skate was formed. I am currently on the Board of Directors for USA Skateboarding and am the Chairman of the Downhill/Luge Committee and a member of the Slalom Committee. I represented USA Skateboarding at the World Roller Games in Barcelona, Spain in 2019. I am currently involved with the qualifying of a Downhill/Luge/Slalom team for the USA going to the World Skate Games in October in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2022.


  • President/Director World Cup Skateboarding – 1993 to present
  • Board member USA Skateboarding – present
  • Chairman USA Skateboarding Downhill/Luge Committee and Slalom Committee member.
  • Organizer Vans Vert Demos at the US Open of Surfing, Huntington Beach, CA
  • 1st Vice President – International Skateboard Federation – 2004 – 2016
  • Vice President – USA Skateboarding – 2004 – 2019
  • Sport Organizer of Skateboarding for the AST Dew Action Sports Tour – NBC – 2005 -2015.
  • 2013 Received the N Men Icon Award
  • Sport Organizer of Skateboarding for ESPN which include past and present: X Games, Asian X Games, Latin X Games, European X Games, X Games Mexico, B3 Series and Destination Extreme Series – 1993 to 2012.
  • Competition Director – Maloof Money Cup 2008 – 2010
  • Competition Director – Pro Tec Pool Party – 2004 – present
  • Competition Director – GvR 2004 – 2008
  • Competition Director – Oregon Trifecta –  2002 – 2012
  • Competition Director – T-Mobile Event – Berlin, Germany 2007 – 2011
  • Received N Men of the Year Award 1995
  • Competition Director – World Championships Germany 1990 – 2005
  • President National Skateboard Association 1989 – 93
  • Manager Go Skate – 2 stores in Sacramento, CA 1985 – 1990
  • Pro Slalom and Downhill racer – Santa Cruz Skateboards – 1977 – 82
  • 1977– 1980 – Am Team Manager for Santa Cruz Skateboards – took the crew allover N. Cal for contests and once we rode in the 4th of July Parade at Mammoth Lakes
  • Owner – Skateboards Etc. – 1976 – 78
  • 1975 – starting skating downtown Old Sacramento at Stoker Hill, with a crew and also at a backyard pool known as the N Bowl, which was the start of the N Men.
  • 1974 – bought a board at Mervyns with the new Urethane wheels and started skating again. Month later bought a Bahne and toured Colorado with my band hitting up drainage ditches.
  • 1967 – no more equipment available stopped skating
  • 1965– no support from my parents and I missed the National Skateboarding Championships in Anaheim, CA. Did demos at the Sports and Boat Show at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.
  • 1964– lived in Daily City, CA – had a crew known as the Wipe Outs, we skated all over the city. Best spots were Playland in Ocean Beach and also the parking lot at City College.
  • 1962 – live on the San Francisco Naval Shipyard, home of Thrasher and Independent Trucks. Started skateboarding on steel wheels at age 12.


  • President/Director WCS Snowboarding – 1993 – present
  • Announcer USASA Nationals 2012 – 2019
  • Received the USASA Founders Award for 2010 – honoring those that have contributed to USASA over the years.
  • Sport Organizer of the Winter Dew Tour 2008 – 2015
  • Vice President  USASA Foundation – 2010 – present
  • Sport Organizer of Snowboarding events at the ESPN Winter X Games – 1995 -2009
  • Inducted into the “Legends of Tahoe Snowboarding” 2008 at Donner Ski Ranch, CA.
  • Competition Director of the Vans Tahoe Cup 2005 – 2007.
  • Organizing Committee member of the “Legends of Tahoe Snowboarding” event at Donner Ski Ranch, CA – 2005 to 2019. In 2022 it became the Legends of Snowboarding event.
  • Competition Director of the World Superpipe Championships at Park City, UT – 2003 – 2009.
  • Head Technical Supervisor – USASA Nationals – 2001 – 2010
  • Competition Director of the Vans Snowboarding Triple Crown Series – 1999 – 2004
  • Consultant ESPN Free Ride Tour
  • ISF certified Technical Supervisor – 1996 – 1999
  • Created the North and South Tahoe Snowboard Series 1998
  • President USASA – 1995 – 97
  • Regional Director – Nor Cal/Nevada Snowboard Series 1992 – 98
  • Marketing Director – Donner Ski Ranch, CA – 1993 – 98
  • Named Slopestyle in 1990, which I promoted and was made an event in the USASA Nationals 1995, later was included in the Winter Olympics
  • Head Judge California Snowboard Series 1987 – 90
  • Head Judge – Ragen’ at the Ranch Snowboard Series 1887 – 92
  • Competitor and Slalom National Champion – USASA Nationals 1988
  • Judge – Subaru Snowboarding Championships – Tahoe 1986
  • Competitor – Sierra Snowboarding Championships – Soda Springs, CA 1985
  • First snowboard – Lonnie Toft Model – Sims – 1978 – Hiked the Tahoe area before snowboards were allowed on the lifts.


  • Big Stick Surfing Association – Board of Directors Member 2010 to present
  • Announcer Santa Cruz Longboard Union Memorial Day Surf Contest 2018 – present
  • Announcer ” Log Jam Surf Contest, Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz, CA 2009 to present
  • Seen on ABC News – At the Mavericks Surf Contest running with mountain bike from the tidal surge that injured several people and destroyed the music stage and expo area. 2010
  • Member Big Stick Surfing Association, Santa Cruz, CA 2009 – present
  • Member Capitola Surf Club ” Usual Suspects” 2007 – present
  • Witness Mavericks two weeks later on January 4, 2005 breaking with 50 to 60-foot faces.
  • Witness the Eddie at Waimea Beach on the North Shore of Hawaii – Amazing! Sat 50 yards away from seeing the perfect 10  scored wave from Bruce Irons before he ate shit in the shore break, with a raised fist in the air right before the whole 12-foot wave crushed him. He ended up winning the event that day.
  • Moved to Aptos, CA  2004 and pretty much surf every day there are waves. Still surfing with high school buddy, Gary DeGorio, who moved to Santa Cruz right after high school.
  • Surfed on and off  while getting more into skating and snowboarding through the 80’s and 90’s.
  • First trip to Hawaii in 1973 – playing music at the Infinity Lounge in Waikiki for 3 months. Surfed every day, some big south swells that summer. Hanging with local, Andy Chew.
  • Surfed Santa Cruz, Pedro Point  and Bolinas  all through my high school  and junior college days
  • Started board surfing at Kelly’s Cove, San Francisco, CA – 1964
  • Started mat surfing Crystal Pier, San Diego, CA at 10 years old in 1960

Mountain Biking:

While I was Marketing Director at Donner Ski Ranch, I organized Downhill and Cross Country Mt.Bike Races  1995 – 98. I also built XC trails around the resort.

  • Certified NORBA official 1995 – 2005
  • NROBA official at various NORBA Races around Northern California
  • Announcer for the Danny Magoo Chandler Mt. Bike Series 1996 – 97
  • First Mountain Bike Race at Forrest Hill 1995