Letecia Bufoni

Where Were you born / Where do you live now?
I was born in São Paulo Brazil and i live in downtown LA now.

When did you start skating?
When I was 10 years old.

Who were your greatest influences when you started?
The kids from my street  and at the Plasma Skate park.

Who do you look up to now?
Geoff Rowley, Elisa Steamer, Luan Oliveira, Corey Duffel.

Favorite places to skate?
I like the Plaza in LA. Pretty much all the spots in LA.

What’s been your favorite WCS contest? Why?
I like all the World Cup skate contests. But my Favorites were Rome and Prague. Rome because it was next to the beach and it looked awesome. And Prague because the street coarse is so good and everyone from everywhere in the world is there. I made lots of friends there as well.

What’s your setup and sponsors?
Volcom, Osiris shoes, Foundation, Crail Trucks, Paradox grip, Bones Wheels.

Set up: Foundation board 7.75, 50mm Bones whelels, Crail trucks ans Paradox tape.

Anyone you would like to Thank?
To all my sponsors…Volcom (Remy, Ebone and Steve) Osiria (Tony and William), Crail (Sergio and Alexandre), Bones (Rob Washburn), Foundation ( Mike and Todd), Paradox. And to ALL my Friends Ana Paula, Lisa, Liza!!!!