Martin Karas

How old:

Prague, Czech Republic

How many years skating?
20+ years

When and where did you start skating?
I started skateboarding in the suburbs of Prague in spring of 1992. The spot was a dirty parking lot and we had to build our own obstacles. Great times!

What other events have you judged?
Etines Euro Open-Basel, Mystic Skate Cup-Prague, Grand Prix-Laussane, Munster Masterships, WCS Copenhagen.

What’s your impression of Ostia, “The Spot” and the skate scene here in Roma?
I love Ostia and the “The Spot” skate park. It’s a pure vibe! I really like that the family that runs the park supports and helps the kids that really need it. Helps them stay on the positive path.

Anything else you want to say?
I would like to Thank Willy, Mark and ‘The Spot” family (Mama, Nando, Giro and everyone else). World Cup Skateboarding family and all the riders and spectators who make this event so great and special! Thanks for having me here!