Matt Milligan

Hometown: Fort Myers, Florida
Resides: San Francisco, CA
Birth date: December 30, 1974.


1986 was the year that changed my life; I got my first skateboard for Christmas. I was living in Fort Myers, Florida (a beach town that thrives on tourism.) From that day on there was nothing else I wanted to do but skate. In the late 80’s skateboarding was not considered “cool” where I was from, but this didn’t stop my newly acquired addiction to skating.


When the ‘90’s rolled around they had a contest series called F.A.S.L. (Florida Amateur Skateboard League.) I had a bunch of great friends that I met around town. We would travel all over the state entering these contests, meeting new people, and skating new cities.

In 1993 we made the trip out west in two Honda Civic hatchbacks loaded with eight dirty skateboarders for a two month adventure into the unknown. We ended up skating with Jordan Richter the whole time, and he got me on New Deal. While on New Deal I started traveling overseas, shooting photos, and filming video parts.

Since they were located in Costa Mesa, California, I decided a move out there was a good idea. I worked at 411 Video Magazine a couple days a week to pay the rent and skated every chance I got. In 1996, after New Deal decided to let their team go, “struggle street” got me. So I packed up and moved to Tampa.


A couple of months later I got a call from Bill Weiss asking me if I wanted to ride for a new company they were starting called Balance Skateboards. I agreed and moved to Huntington Beach to live with Bill and Clyde Singleton. Balance was a small company based on friends trying to make something happen. We found ourselves working together on everything from getting on the phone and making sales, to laying out ads, and planning a three month cross country tour called “Tourtanic”. After a couple of years, the inevitable caught up with us and Balance went out of business. This was a good learning process for me.

I was down, but I wasn’t out. This let me focus on skating. I had been filming a bunch, and got a 411 profile which happened to come out at the same time that I had the cover and interview in the new Big Brother magazine. These things played a big role in helping me land a pro spot on DNA Skateboards and Axion shoes. DNA and Axion helped me travel all over the world in search of new skate spots, friends, and bars.


Since 2000, I have been living in a full-time skate house. We recently released a DVD made in our house, about our house, aptly titled “6 Newell”. The 6 Newell video features talents like Nate Jones, Frank Gerwer, Elissa Steamer, Peter Ramondetta, Dave Duren, and tons of friends. This has become my favorite video.


As far as judging skateboard contests, I have been doing that for a while. I’ve been judging the Tampa Am for six straight years, the head judge of the Phoenix Am since it started fours years ago, as well as numerous smaller events. My first experience with World Cup judging came in 2004, at the inaugural the Goofy vs. Regular contest; a good idea for a contest, and all around fun weekend.

I look forward to the future of skateboarding from watching the legends of yesterday to the stars of tomorrow. “Skateboarding is a way of life” nothing could be truer. Keep ripping and rolling.