Mike Prangnell

From the crisp shores of Vancouver B.C. , located on the far western tip of Canada’s snowy tundra comes Mike Prangnell, a true skateboard “jack of all trades” (would that by any chance be “lumberjack, Mike? ed.). Mike has done everything in the industry from work at a shop to professional rider. Mike currently is a freelance writer for numerous skateboard publications. If you have not read his video reviews, do yourself a favor and check out Skate Canada (sbcmedia.com). He also works in video production, shooting and editing skateboarding along with being the team manager at Osiris Canada. His career highlights include: not getting last place in vert at the Vans Slam City Jam 1998 and having Tommy Guerrero say “nice Ollie” during a mini-ramp demo in 1990.


He loves to judge skateboarding (sic) and is very critical of style and consistency, which is ironic since he possesses neither of those attributes.