Mirko Holzmüller

Name: Mirko Holzmüller

Born: 22.October 1979

Lives: Munich, Germany


My name is Mirko Holzmüller I was born October 1979 and raised in Hof/Saale – northern Bavaria next to the border of Czech Republic.


Due to the bad weather conditions there, it’s also called Bavarian-Siberia. As I started skateboarding in 1994 a group of skateboarders from my hometown were already organizing to set up an indoor skatepark which was named in 1995: ASSHALL www.asshall.de


It was one of the first indoor skateparks in Germany and I was one of the helping hands to run this facility!


In 1998 I became the manager of the skatepark (indoor as well as outdoor), worked in the skateshop which sponsored it and managed the skateteam of the shop and the park.


Thomas Weber and Fabian Neugebauer were one of the guys… We traveled to many German and European contest and Fabian got German-Champion twice and Thomas won for example the Etnies European Open in Rome 2005. The time with the team and the travels was a really good one!

IMirko Holzmuller Front 5-0 Neubibergn 1999 I started to judge the German Championships and during my internship (for my studies) at Sole Technology Europe in 2005 I became a judge for European events as the European Skateboard Championships in Basel or Etnies European Open in Munich, Krakau and Rome.


Since then I judged many other European contests as Goofy vs. Regular in Eindhoven, Telekom Extreme Playgrounds, the Adidas Clash and Red Bull Bomb the Line in Berlin or the Adrenaline Games in Moscow.


After my studies I moved to Munich in 2008 and started to work for Nitro Snowboards. But I still skateboard a lot and try to make a difference in the Munich skateboard scene.


In 2010 I started with other skateboarders the Munich Skateboarding e.V. – an association which organizes skateboard contests, connects with the city and tries to set up an indoor skatepark for this Metropole! We are on the right path!


Skateboarding is an important part of my life and without it I wouldn’t have met so many good friends of mine, haven’t seen so many amazing places and haven’t met the girl I love!


Mirko BsSmith Munich MASHNow, there’s nothing better than having a day at the skate park with my two little boys, skateboarding with them and having fun! That is skateboarding!


I would like to thank: my family, my girlfriend Sabrina and my boys Marlo and Jordan – I love you! Thanks for your understanding and patience…
Friends I wouldn’t have met without skateboarding: Andreas Schützenberger, Simon Wallentin, Oli Buergin, Martin Karas, Bruce “the Ox” Kelliher, the Skateboarding München e.V. and many more! You know who you are!!!