Nick Van Hoven

42 yrs young

Where do reside now?
Bondi, Sydney, Australia.

When did you start skating?
I started in 1978. Built my first ramp in 1981.

What stoked you about skating?
I was always stoked the first years I was skating. I liked to go fast. I saw my friend Nigel who had been to the USA and skated “Big O”. He did a Backside air in this local pool we had found. I’ll never forgot that day and have been hooked ever since.

Favorite places to skate?
Bondi Pool, Any pool that we can find, drain and skate.

Who do you skate with?
Chad Ford, Bart Carnes, Adam Luxford, Jeff “Skunk” Williams, John Fox and any of the Bondi locals. My kids are just now learning to skate.

What do you think of Bowl a Rama?
Every year I turn to Chad and say… “I can’t we host one of the biggest comps in the World”. I grew up surfing, hanging out and causing trouble right where the bowl is. There was nothing to nothing to skate in Bondi. We had to travel to “FiveDocks”, Ryde and Manly  just to skate. So now years later after Chad built the park, it just makes it seem more surreal to see what goes on during Bowl a Rama!