Oliver Arne Thurau (RIP)

Starting skateboarding at the age of 14, a lot of street skating and a couple of different hometowns later I got my first live impression of Vert skating at the halfpipe in Konstanz (Germany).


A while later I moved there to go vert skating and I am still living there. I started to travel with the friends I meet during the sessions at the old Konstanz Vert ramp to skate and see as much as possible. I always liked to skate bowls, but I try to skate whatever is out there.


After different jobs I’m working as main technician for a scanner engineering company. I design, test, and repair high speed document scanner prototypes, Software and do some website design.


Beside skateboarding and forced through skate accident related breaks I like to take film and edit. Work sometimes gets in my way but I try to get enough days off to skate or just go on another road trip.


My relationship with WCS began at the world cup 1997 in Münster where I’ve been asked to judge the street elimination. One week later at the contest at Wembly arena where I worked for Dave D. helping to build the skate course I got the chance to judge for WCS again (Thanks Dave). I love skateboarding, cause it is kind of an art form and if it is nothing else, skateboarding is maybe the most innovative and radical performance art of our generation. I think WCS is a positive aspect in the world of skateboarding and that’s the reason I like to judge for WCS.


Thanks to everybody at Screwed Hardware, Lars from Carhartt Clothing for the long time support, Frontline Skateshop at Konstanz and all my friends for their support.