Owen Nieder

I am a skateboarder plain and simple. Skateboarding is what I do. It’s what I have done since I was a kid. In fact, I have ridden a skateboard almost every day of my life since March 13, 1976. That was when the Carlsbad “Sparks” Skateboard Park opened in Carlsbad Ca. From that day forward there was no Baseball, Football or Soccer. None of the “normal” things kids of that age did. All I did was ride my skateboard. And that’s what I still do today.


At some point around 1995 I realized that making a living riding my skateboard wasn’t working out to well. Even the most famous skateboarder of all times mentions in his book “Occupation: Skateboarder — by Tony Hawk” that he almost had to declare bankruptcy. For the next few years I had some random jobs, all in the Skateboard industry, I might add. Then one thing became perfectly clear, I needed more. That’s where computers came into play. I bought my first computer from a bankruptcy sale at a local computer manufacturer and just like that, I was hooked. I’ve been building websites ever since. And the strong influences of my past are evident in every website I build today.