Stephan Dietrich

Name: Stephan ‘Slow’ Dietrich

Born: 9th April 1975

Lives: Berlin Germany


Vans Store Berlin Storemanager, Radioskateboards Teammanager


I got my first Skateboard when I was 12 years, some small Banana Board. I just cruzed on my knee’s. When I was 14 i got my first real Skateboard then. Toxicboard Gullwingtrucks and Bones Wheels


Since then I have the Skateboardvirus.

In 2004 I started a Skateboardbrand with Dirk Vogel called Spreewood.

In 2006 Dirk moved to the US and the Team and me we joined together with Radioskateboards.


I work for Vans Shoes since 2007 as a Storemanager here in Berlin.


I work as a Jugde since 2006 for the ESC, Adidas Clash, COS, T Mobile Contest and the Nike Berlin Open.