Tom Flaherty

37 yrs young

Where do reside now?
Born and raised in Werribee, Victoria, Australia

When did you start skating?
I got my first board in ’79. It was ’86 when I really right into Skating

What stoked you about skating?
The thing that stokes me the most is the feeling  you get when you land
A trick, It can’t be beat!

Favorite places to skate?
The Shed Vert ramp. The Pot Hole.

Who do you skate with?
Anton Jeandet, Josh Rouilion, Adam ‘Dingo” Garner, Shauny Eaton, Trev Ward,
All the Melbourne crew!

What do you think of  Bowl a Rama?
“Bowl a Rama is great!” We have all the best Skaters from all over the world coming over and hanging out at one of the best bowls right on the beach in Bondi!