Vesa Ikola

Name: Vesa Ikola
Born: 1976
Live: Lohja (60km from Helsinki), Finland
How many years skating? 20+ years


When and where did you start skating?
I started skateboarding in my hometown Lohja around 1990


What other events have you judged?
Etnies Euro Open-Basel, 10 years of Simpel Session in Estonia, Finnish Championships contests, Helsinki Hookup (formerly known as Proskate) and i have to mention one of the best events Old, Fat and Slow (all finnish old school skaters goes to this contest with some visitors from other countries for example mr. Ray Barbee)


Anything else you want to say?
Skateboarders for me is like a second family. I live in a small town, not really much to do. We built our own skateparks and skaters from different cities came to visit. Instantly we became friends and still are after 20 years. Everytime i go skate i meet good old friends and make new ones. Gotta love it! Thank you skateboarding!