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It’s bringing me great pleasure to be able to say hello to everyone across the country and the world as we at World Cup Skateboarding are so excited to have a completely new and updated website! After so much to do and reorganizing WCS is back!

Now, all of us have our own stories to tell and share concerning the past few years. I’m sure some stories go very deep. Each of us have suffered some sort lost, be it a friend or a family member. The pain is out there, yet here we are moving and starting to regain a momentum of life and energy that for a while took a step back. From all of us at World Cup Skateboarding we are excited to move forward with you, the skaters, the companies, the promoters, the skate fans in making events that truly rad, enjoyable and most of all fun. Yes, skateboarding is an Olympic Sport and now skateboarding is considered part of the real world of Sports. Let’s face it, it was bound to happen! It has opened up many doors for the skaters and help to bring much needed funding for skateparks around the world! Just remember, it happens every four years and skateboarding happens every day.

Message from the President - Don Bostick

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It looks like I will be busy hosting many fun events this year. Some of my favorites so far were the Mini ramp shows on the Flogging Molly Cruise and the 27th Annual Basic pool party in Huntington Beach. The next event I will be at is the Shredfest SkateRock show in late May at the legendary Pink Motel pool. Looking ahead I am very excited for our upcoming WCS Summer Tour. In late June we are bringing our concrete tour to a brand new Skatepark in Salida, Colorado. It’s featured as a part of an annual festival so we’re looking forward to celebrating the event with local Derek Scott and a fun crew! A few days afterwards Derek Scott and I will be coming back again to Prague Czech Republic for the 27th annual Mystic Sk8 Cup for the street and bowl comps! In early July we continue our annual backyard ramp series in San Diego at Mancha’s B-team vert ramp!

WCS has been involved in many big international European events for over 30 years and we’re excited to continue with these festival style events in August at Vigo, Spain for O’Marisquino! Next up, for over 10 years we’ve been going back to Montreal, Canada for the Jackalope festival! Labor Day weekend is the Orchid Mini Ramp event in Santa Barbara. In October it’s the Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl comp in Santa Cruz, then the backyard series continues at Mayhem at Mead’s Manor vert comp near Orlando, Florida. I’ll be finishing off the year at the Banger in the Hanger in Houston, Texas in early November and Ski Dazzle shows in LA convention center in December. I am looking forward to seeing everyone and making many new friends along the way!

Let the good times keep on Roll-in!! Rock on,


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@timbrauchfoundation Bowl contest is unfortunately cancelled.
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This page shows you the upcoming events for World Cup Skateboarding.
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When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
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ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, Sept 8th, 2022 - USA Skateboarding announced today that Johnny Schillereff has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer and President. After searching for a candidate with the experience and attributes to elevate USA Skateboarding successfully, USA SKB unanimously agreed....
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Mead Manor details on wcsk8.com
Mayhem at Mead's Manor
Oct 28 - 29. 2022
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