Hello Skateboarding

Hello Skateboarding!

It’s bringing me great pleasure to be able to say hello to everyone across the country and the world as we at World Cup Skateboarding are so excited to have a simplified website and to be moving our focus to social media! After so much to do and reorganizing WCS is back!

Now, all of us have our own stories to tell and share concerning the past few years. I’m sure some stories go very deep. Each of us have suffered some sort lost, be it a friend or a family member. The pain is out there, yet here we are moving and starting to regain a momentum of life and energy that for a while took a step back. From all of us at World Cup Skateboarding we are excited to move forward with you, the skaters, the companies, the promoters, the skate fans in making events that truly rad, enjoyable and most of all fun. Yes, skateboarding is an Olympic Sport and now skateboarding is considered part of the real world of Sports. Let’s face it, it was bound to happen! It has opened up many doors for the skaters and help to bring much needed funding for skateparks around the world! Just remember, it happens every four years and skateboarding happens every day.

Message from the President - Don Bostick