30 years … and then some

WCS grew from the existence of the once thriving National Skateboard Association. Learning from the mistakes the Skateboard Industry made during the NSA years, former NSA President and Directors, Don & Danielle Bostick made a commitment to the skaters in developing and directing skateboard competitions around the globe, focusing on the professional skateboarder.

In 1993, the idea for WCS came to Don Bostick as a result of having spent four years helping with the Munster Monster Mastership World Championships in Germany. Even though the skate Industry was at a low, he saw the need for an organization that encompassed more than just North America and one that worked for the skater’s best interests. After a few conversations with Titus Dittman, WCS was created and kicked off its first event in Vancouver, Canada with Slam City Jam in May of 1994.

In 1995, WCS created a ranking system for the pro skaters participating in the growing World Cup Skateboarding Tour. Ed Templeton was crowned the first World Cup Street Champion and Mike Frazier took the honors for Vert. This same year ESPN came to WCS and skateboarding went into the living rooms of millions via the X Games. Tony Hawk won the first X Games. And a few years later completed the historical first 900 at the X Games in San Francisco. 

Don Bostick

"This man has done more for skateboarding than perhaps anyone." 

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